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Letter from Jack Simons to Phyllis Naidoo

The Macmillan Press & Clarke ' S Bookshop Take Pleasure In Inviting You To Honor The Memory Of Jack Simons At The Launch Of His Book Struggles In Southern Africa For Survival And Equality

Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 168
Liberating Portuguese Guinea from within

Amilcar Cabral is interviewed by Frene Ginwala.

The New African: Volume 4, Number 4, June 1965
The end of non-violence: a tactic not a doctrine

Can South Africa be liberated without a violent struggle.

The end of non-violence: first phase of an unfolding programme

Can South Africa be liberated without a violent struggle.

Black Christians Must Liberate Whites
Women in the struggle: Gladys Maqolo
Women in the struggle: Janet Cherry
Liberation: a feminist issue?
ANC women: their strength in the struggle
Statement on the assasination of David Webster

Statement on the view of the assasination of Comrade Webster as part of the ongoing attempt to crush the freedom movement in the country.

Womans day
A force that can't be ignored

Aida Santos has been a women's activist in the Phillipines for many years .When she visited South Africa, she told Thoraya Pandy about the achievements of Filipino women

The Soweto Uprising and the Development of Liberatory Ideas

Lecture by Wycliffe M Tsotsi, Vice-President, Unity Movement of South Africa, on the Soweto Uprising and the history of the liberation struggle.

Speech on my 75th birthday at N's home

Speech by Jane Gool on her 75th birthday, celebrated in Zambia.

Education as an instrument for liberation.

This Address to a fund-raising banquet for the South African Students Organization in Durban, June 1973, discusses the traditional role of education, looks at the teacher-student relationship and examines ways in which education can be used to initiate change.

Women in Zimbabwe: "women`s rights are human rights!"
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