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Under the banner of SWAPO

Namibia's guerrillas face death.

Birth pangs of an ideology

An analysis of ideology development in South Africa.

To breach the wall of silence

The case for specific legislation to meet the needs of Africa's blind and deaf.


..."And I urge you to join with the Missus and me fighting the oppressive legislation of the government..."

The breaking of men

Solitary confinement and torture.

Words, words, words

Notes on the written word.

The New African: Volume 2, Number 8, September 1963
The New African: Volume 2, Number 4, May 1963
After Bashee Bridge


"Love finds a way"

A note adapted from the catalogue to the Rhodesian Festival of African Art.

The freedom of Namib

Aims for South West Africa.


Book reviews.

Providing for Revolution


Not quite banned

Editorial about the attempt by the South African Government to threaten the continued publication of The New African.

Providing for Sabotage

The General Law Amendment Bill replaces one political paradox by another.

At the receiving end

Britain's South Africa policy.

Communist Come-Back?

This month will see witch-hunting taken a stage further in South Africa with the publication by the Minister of Justice of the names of persons so far banned or named in terms of the Suppression of Communism Act.

Hard work and vision

The opposition's road out of adversity.

Thoughts on my crime


The New African: Volume 1, Number 4, April 1962


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