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The Tyranny of Colour reaction - Penetration appointment of Commission
Acquisition and Occupation of Land. Invasion and Succession .
Transaction of the Association at the Thirty Seventh Annual Conference

Transaction of the Association at the Thirty Seventh Annual Conference

Judicial Commission of Indian Penetration
Record of Proceedings at the first Quarterly meeting(1940-1941)
City and Water Engineers Department
Letter from the City and Water Engineer
Minutes of the City Council
Indian Problem
Evidence to be presented to the Penetration Committee
Newspaper articles - Indian Penetration
Letter from Councilor S M Pettersen

The difficulty of such a course would have. been all the greater seeing that the population by Asiatics of this quart

Letter from the Secretary for Interior


Asiatic Penetration.

I have the honour to inform you that City.....

Minutes of the City Council of the City of Durban

Council at its next meeting to regularize the action taken in these matters. As regards the Supply of Electricity in the Council's area of supply this subject is still under consideration.

Letter from the Secretary for the Interior

Asiatic Penetration.

I beg to refer to provide correspondene on this subject and to the interview which the Hon....


At 10.20 am the Committee received the Hon. the Minister of the Interior and of Public Health....

Letter to Councillor D G Shepstone

Dear councilor Shepstone

Re: Indian Penetration

I could vaery easily write a book upon my research and ideas in regards to this problem

Durban City Mayors Minutes for Council

Mayors Minutes for Durban City Council

Letter to the City Council

The President of this Association, Councilor......

Letter from the Durban City Council

The Town Council is much perturbed at the encroachment of the asiatics into areas which have up


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