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The crisis of leadership
The Deputation from the Natal Indian Congress

Waited on the Prime Minister in his room. The Prime Minister received the Deputation at 11am. There were present beside the Prime Minister: Senator C F Clarkson, Minister of .......

The development of the Indian Indenture Labour problem in South Africa

The indentured labour system arose to meet with the objective demands of a certain section of plantation owners resulting from the abolition of slavery. 'The very existing ascendant capitalism demanded a free labour supply and a maximum reserve of labour.

The dreary repetition in our history
The extension of the pass laws
The freedom of Namib

Aims for South West Africa.

The Fund-Raising Act
The Government's New Constitutional Proposals: Conference Paper presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1978

The Government's New Constitutional Proposals- Conference Paper presented at the Black Sash National Conference on 15 March 1978 discussing the Constitution, legislation, apartheid, reform, race relations, separate amenities, universal vote.

The Group Areas Act
The History of Apartheid in South Africa.
The Hoexter Commission and the Independence of the Judiciary
The I.C. act- what should be done
The Indian Penetration Bill, Vol73
The Indian Problem in South Africa
The Indian Question in Natal. Memorandum by the Secretary

Consideration is to be given at the April Quarterly meeting of the Natal Municipal Association......

The Industrial Conciliation Act 1981 recipe for chaos
The Institute Vindicated?
The Land Act legacy 70 years later
The Legacy of Influx Control
The Legal Disabilities of Zulu Women Part 2


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