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New worker regulations

After months of enquiry the Government has amended and supposedly relaxed the pass laws.

Fighting Talk Volume 11 Number 9 September 1953

Fighting Talk

Historical perspectives and the effects of uprootal

This is an essay highlighting a few historical perspectives, brief historical review of migration of the period just before the Lifaqale, the review of the effects of the 1913 Native Land Act and subsequent related legislation is discussed and the effects of removals and resettlement.

South African hospitality fails refugees
Local crisis
Blatante skending van mensgeregte (Article written in Afrikaans)
A framework for fair play
Who`s afraid of the probing press?
Lifting the lid
Right to know
Apartheid legacy of evil that just won`t go away
Affirmative action is "perfectly sensible" for business sector
"Toxic waste" of history
Descom Bulletin No 8, May 1985
From the Executive Director

Article about the work of IDASA and the problems with their goals of democracy and non-racialism in South Africa

Descom Bulletin No 9, November 1985
Descom Bulletin No 11, July 1986
Editorial comment: Mercenaries of apartheid industry
Editorial comment: Shove Koornhof Bills down his throat
30th anniversary of the Defiance Campaign


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