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Rape in marriage: still no improvement in the law
Record of meeting of the sub-committee appointed to consider the question of Asiatic Penetration in Urban areas

Asiatic Penetration Question

A resume of the replies received from the various Boroughs in regard to the extent to which their areas are affected having been circulated...

Record of Proceedings at the April quarterly Meeting of the Executive Committee

Record of Proceedings at the April quarterly Meeting of the Executive Committee

The President said the Agenda would be somewhat upset as the Administrator was to attend and address the meeting on the subject....

Record of Proceedings at the first Quarterly meeting(1940-1941)
Record of Proceedings at the June Quarterly Meeting of the Executive Committee

The President indicated that apologies for unavoidable absence had been tendered on behalf of Newcastle, Glencore, Stanger and Westville......

Record pf proceedings at the first quarterly meeting of the Executive

Delgates assembled by kind invitation in the City Council Chamber...

Registration - the big test

FOSATU has made its position quite clear. We believe that the law should not divide workers by race. Workers must be allowed to join the unions of their choice.

Release trade unionists
Removal of Africans From Western Cape
Renault steward released after four-month detention
Rent increases
Report from Mercury. Indian Penetration - Deputation. Advisory Committee

Asiatic affairs Advisory Committee. 

Probable membership

Report of General Purpose Committee

Report of General Purpose Committee, Meeting Held 25th April 1944.

1. Natal Indian Commission

The City at its meeting on the 11th April 1944 arising out of the report..

Report of the Second Indian Penetration (Durban) Commission
Report on Langa Commissioners Court: Presented by Cape Western Region to the Black Sash National Conference 1983

Report on Langa Commissioners Court- Presented by Cape Western Region to the Black Sash National Conference on 11 March 1983 discussing Apartheid, Influx Control, legislation, pass laws.

Report on the passing of the proposed Occupation Draft Ordinance

Mr Mitchell. May I commence this evening by particularly thanking the organizers of this meeting...

Reports of the Acts and Proceedings of the Executive of the Natal Municipal Association during its Financial Year ended 21.7.1944 for submission to the Fortieth Annual Conference of the Association to be held at Port Shepstone

Members will know nevertheless that no progress has been made in the matter during the past year.....


Republica Corruptissima: The Stranglehold of the Law
Reservation of Separate Amenities Act, Act No 49 of 1953

The Act was to provide for the reservation of public premises and vehicles or portions thereof for the exclusive use of persons of a particular race or class, for the interpretation of laws which provide for such reservation, and for matters incidental thereto.


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