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No time for relief
Not quite banned

Editorial about the attempt by the South African Government to threaten the continued publication of The New African.

Notes for his Worship the Mayor on the The Indian Question in Durban as at 15/2/45

The Residential Property Regulation Ordinance No. 21/1944 Natal which controls the transfer of the occupation of dwellings from Europeans to Indians.....

Notes from meeting with Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker

Notes of a meeting held between Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker pushing for the complete abolition of the Trespass Act of Section 1 of the Illegal Squatting Act

Notes of the Proceeding at the Conference of Delegates of the Natal Municipal Association and the Natal Indian congress on the Subject of "The Pegging Act"

The President said that the primary purpose of the meeting was to receive the Executive Committee of the Natal Indian Congress in order to hear their views on the subject of Indian Penetration

Notes on the History of Parliamentary Franchise in Southern Africa: Fact Paper presented by Western Cape Region at the Black Sash National Conference 1975

Notes on the History of Parliamentary Franchise in Southern Africa- Fact Paper presented by Western Cape Region at the Black Sash National Conference on 12 March 1975, discussing: Constitution, Coloured vote, Franchise qualifications for Blacks, High Court of Parliament Act, Senate Act, Natives A

Notes on the Residential Property Regulation Ordinance

Since a copy of the Residential Property Regulation Ordinance, 1944 as brought up by the Select Committee, became available to me....

Notes taken at Special Committee and Indian Affairs meeting

The Chairman explained to Standing Counsel that as a result of a meeting of the Special Committee held the previous day....

Notice of Motion by Councilor A H Youngleson

There is attached hereto for your information copy of letter dated.......

Nursing by pigment
NUSAS Press Release No. 5, 1967

Press release by the NUSAS President and Vice-President of the National Union of South African Students stating the opposition of the Union to the Terrorism Bill that had been tabled in the South African Houses of Parliament.

Occupation Control Ordinance

Notes for the meeting with Administrator

1. Indian Penetration is not a single isolated problem.

One Way Ahead
Only the future belongs to us
Onslaught on black farmers
Our Policy

Our Policy: editorial in The Guardian, June 29, 1950. Discusses the suppession of Communism Bill

P.R. Pather and the Pegging Act of 1943
Pamphlet on the Indian Question

The Secretary has sent me a copy of the above pamphlet and advises that these were being distributed....

Parliamentary news
Parliamentary news


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