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Protest and the law
Migratory labour: the canker in South African society
Migratory labour: redundant families
The Black Sash
The New Education Bill: A warning to parents
Apartheid: dismantle or transform?
What the new law says...how they affect people
Understanding the Community Councils Act
`Welfare` Act
What does freedom mean, does it matter anyway? Opening Address to the Black Sash National Conference held at Durban, 1989

Opening Address by National President Mary Burton at the Black Sash National Conference held at Durban on 2 March 1989, discussing: Liberation, press freedom, detentions, militarisation, detentions, capital punishment, political trials, legislation, labour and poverty.

Mkhatshwa ends term as SACBC Secretary-general

Speech delivered by Smangaliso Mkhatshwa on his resignation as SACBC Secretary-general and the three recent events that have shaken South African Churches.

Power, patriotism, principle: Opening Address presented at the Black Sash National Conference held at Pietermaritzburg, 1969

Power, patriotism, principle: Opening address by Jean Sinclair at presented at the Black Sash National Conference held at Pietermaritzburg on 21 October 1969, discussing: legislative power of regions, racial inequalities, separate development, bantu education, banning orders, detention powers of

The Reconstruction and Development Programme: women`s only hope
Rape in marriage: still no improvement in the law
Women`s rights: does the government really care?
Latest laws are no fairy tale
Apartheid laws and regulations: introduced and rescinded
Torture and the health worker: the nature of culpability (2)
Cultural Weapons: Why Lift the 99-Year Ban at Peak of Conflict?
Fattis and Monis Dispute


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