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Editorial comment: Mercenaries of apartheid industry
Editorial comment: Shove Koornhof Bills down his throat
Editorial: A Mean Act
Editorial: Allan Hendrickse
Editorial: Censorship and Self-Censorship
Editorial: Further Down The Slippery Slope
Editorial: Only the Tip of the Iceberg
Editorial: The Group Areas Act
Editorial: The Orderly Movement Bill
Editorial: Violence breeds violence
Emergency meeting of the Executive committee

In consultation with the major towns of the province the President has summoned an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee to deal with legislation coming before the Provincial Council during the next few days.

Evidence to be presented to the Penetration Committee
Executive Committee and Indian Penetration meetings

The Presidemt now directs that all Towns be circularised with a brief resume of the action since taken on the Association's behalf.....

Extract from Minutes of General Purpose Committee

Indian Penetration

The Town Clerk submitted to the meeting copy of letter dated 20th January 1940.......

Extract from the minutes of the Council

That the recommendations of the General Purposes Committee contained in Section 5 of the Report (Lot 256, Block AK, Town Lands: Application to Court for deletion of certain restrictive conditions) be and they are hereby adopted. (The Mayor dissenting).

Farm labour law conference, 1993 report

Report by the Street Law Coordinator on the Farm Labour Law Conference which discussed the consequences and meaning of the extension of Labour Legislation to Farm Workers.

Fatal event
Fattis and Monis Dispute
Fight the Group Areas bills!


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