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Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXX1 No.3 Issued April 1984
Annual Report of the Civil Rights League for the year 1981-1982, presented at the Anuual General Meeting, September 15, 1982
Letter from Barney Pityana to Phyllis Naidoo

Just a note to say hi we are still very well. I hope you are very well and happy in Lesotho. Occasionally we get news of you whenever one of Maseru sisters writes.

Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIII No.5 Issued 28 May 1976
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXI No.6 Issued 9 August 1974
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XIX No.9 Issued 20 November 1972
Letter from Semenekane to Phyllis Naidoo

Yesterday I sent a telegram to our assistant secretary (Mrs Mokgobo) explaining my difficulties here.

Civil Rights News Letter, September 1959
The Westwinkel of Amsterdam
Free legal aid

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