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Interview with Joe Slovo by Keith Coleman

An interview with Joe Slovo by Keith Coleman on economic policies. July 1, 1990.

Keeper of the keys

This is an interview with Desmond Tutu held in October 1989 about leadership and vision of peace.

Soweto student speaks out: interview with Nkosazana Dlamini

Nkosozana Dlamini, vice-president of SASO, and member of the ANC, was in her fifth year of medical school when the June 16th uprising began. She was torn between finishing her medical training to become a doctor or continue abroad with political activity against the apartheid government.

The voice of South Africa's young generation: go underground and organise

New African talks to Tebello Motapanyane, Secretary-General of the banned South African Students Movement.

Developing a revolutionary style of work
Joe Slovo - theoretician or anti-China hack
We are leading a class struggle to create a new man
Mavi`s death a loss to SA worker movement
Profile of a worker leader

The FOSATU Worker News here kicks off with the first of a series of interviews with FOSATU's worker leaders.

New office bearers elected

Chris Dhlamini, chairman of the Transvaal region has been elected as FOSATU's new national president.

Biko lives
Editorial: SA waits to judge FW - by his actions
Cries from the battlefield
Follow the leader
Comment: What it means to be a leader now
MK Chief a reluctant soldier
SA in grip of "borderline syndrome"
In search of Mr Verligte
No holy cows for Saunders at UCT


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