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B.P.C. Leadership Training

Memorandum by the Black Peoples Convention supporting and promoting leadership training

Proposals to restructure the National Working of the NEC for its effective functioning

Draft proposals to restructure the National Working Committee of the National Executive Committee for its effective functioning.

The South African Students Organisation: in detention for their country

This SASO memorandum contains the names and brief profiles of eight Black leaders banned for a five year period.

Local organisation: fact paper

The effectiveness of any organisation depends on the organisational ability of its leaders. This memorandum maps out a guide toward effective leadership amongst the Black community particularly in the home situation.

Community Action and Development

For effective programs that make the Black communities aware of the problems that bedevil it, SASO developed well planned educational programmes to train Black leaders. The aim was to create a just and healthy community which would be able to realise its full potential.


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