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Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIV No.6 Issued 1 August 1977
Letter from Edith to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you for y ours of 4 inst.,just received. First, I want to ask you, is it best to send to your old PO Box 1291, or c/o Legal Aid Office, POB 402 ? I am sending this to PO Box 402 & hope OK.?

Mixed Races: Indians, Blacks & Coloureds, 1980-1985
Newspaper articles on SA Provincial government
South African History : a new look

South African History : a new look. N G Garson p 287-292 African Studies - CA 1975

The Creation of a Mass Movement: Strikes and Defiance , 1950 - 1952

The paper is a part of a large study of Black South African political history.......

The I.C. act- what should be done
The Theory of Apartheid: Nationalist Racial Policy in the Union of South Africa
United Anti-Fascist Rally

FIGHT - Gestapo and Ghetto Bills

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