Knob Stick

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Postcard of six men in traditional dress, outside a thatched dwelling


Label on photograph: Natives at their Kraal

Description: Early twentieth-century.  Three elderly men are seated in front, and one of them has a large army-style coat draped around his shoulder.  Three young men are standing at the back, two of them holding shields.


A man wearing traditional clothing, carrying a knobkerrie and a large shield


Caption for photograph: Pleased with Himself

Description: Early twentieth-century.  The man is wearing a braided necklace and waistbands, and large earrings.  He is dressed in skins.  There appears to be a bunch of large thorns hanging by his side.  


Knob Stick

Knob - Stick with rounded head placed at the side of the stick, presented to H.C Lugg in 1936 by Ndisheni kaNdabuko kaMpande

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