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"Our call is theological": Address to the National Summit of the Historic Black Churches, Howard Inn, Washington DC on 10 January 1989
Challenge to the Church
The Church and economics - what others have said
To National Church organisations
Challenge to the church: a theological comment on the political crisis in South Africa

Pamphlet about theological comments on the political crisis in South Africa. It consists of a critique of State theology, critique of Church theology, prophetic theology and a challenge to action.

Statement issued by the South African Council of Churches in reply to remarks made in Parliament by Mr. Jimmy Kruger, Minister of Justice, on the

Statement issued by the South African Council of Churches (SACC) regarding remarks made by Minister Kruger to Parliament about the aid given by SACC to victims of unrest.

Position paper on "Black theology revisited"
Book review
The church and the struggle for a democratic alternative

Paper presented at the Diakonia workshop held on May 19, 1988, calling for the renewal and transformation of the Church as a site of struggle as part of the national democratic struggle.

The Kairos Document
Search for liberating ethics: response to Goba
Searching for a liberating ethic
The social-cultural analysis of the origins and development of black theology
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