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Islamic religious art differs from Christian religious art in that it is non-figural because many Muslims believe that the depiction of the human form is idolatry, and...


Shamil Jeppie's book tells a fascinating story about a small but significant Durban-based Muslim organization that grappled with the compatibility between Islam and modernity.

Rushdie's Dastan-e-Dilruba: The Satanic verses as Rushdie's love letter to Islam
Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 380
Alpine road mosque

Pictire of mosque

The Family Relationship in Islam

To Muslims, Islam is the code of life which God has revealed for the guidance of mankind. In Islam there is complete coordination of the spiritual and material aspects of human life.

Unequal Education

Bound by our total submission to the Will of Almighty Allah; and: in recognition of Islam's uncompromising stand on injustice as clearly expressed through 'the Holy contents of The Koran, we pledge our total support for thA present protest against the discriminatory system of education based on t

Caste, Class and Identities among Surtee Muslims in KwaZulu Natal (South Africa), c. 1880-2009

This essay explores the variety of subject positions of Gujarati-speaking Muslim migrants from Surat, India, from the time of their arrival in South Africa in the late 1870s to the contemporary period.

Africa's own brand of Islam

A religious vacuum exists over much of Africa and although Islam is spreading, its impact on society is changing.

Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.71 1988
Muslims urged to unite against apartheid
The call of Islam
New Age Vol.7 No.49 Sep. 1961
"Shadow side" of Islam
Architecture in West Africa


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