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Indian and foreign review 30 Sep 1984. - vol.21 no.23

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated two comments, made by Jawaharlal Nehru and Bertrand Russell, almost summed up the man and his philosophy. Nehru said that with his death........

The new Republic Bank Limited
Indian Traders Press Cuttings
UDW/The Mercury/Coastal group ltd international conference on current economic policy issues Durban
Marketing and management co-operation with Asia pacific regions



Professional Management Review (PMR), January 2001
Foreign aid investment
Banks - 1996-1997
Prospect South Indian and South Africa

Industry and Commerce
key points for inclusion

Government Gazette REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Vol. 464 Cape Town 13 February 2004
Affirmative action newspaper articles
The Dispossession of Africa's Wealth
Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 237
The dilemma of foreign investment in South Africa
1988: The economy
Editorial: Trust the Bank
Economic Policy, Growth and Equity: Democratic Economic Growth
Commission for Justice and Reconciliation: economic measures against apartheid and the challenge to the church

Pamphlet of the Commission for Justice and Reconciliation regarding economic measures such as sanctions, trade embargoes and disinvestment against apartheid and the challenge to the church

Foreign investment

Black Peoples Convention Memorandum on foreign investment

Black Peoples Convention: rejection of foreign investment

The Black Peoples Convention National Congress held in December 1973 resolved to reject the involvement of foreign investors and this letter sent from BPC to 31 foreign firms calls on foreign investors to disengage from the economic system of South Africa


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