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Telex from Col Sergio Vieira, Minister of Agriculture, Mozambique, to His Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cape Town

Translation of a telex sent from the Minister of Agriculture, Mozambique, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, South Africa, with regard to the alleged involvement of the South African authorities in criminal and terrorist actions against the Peoples' Republic of Mozambique

Letter from D Nokwe, Secretary-General, to Minister of Home Affairs, Botswana

Letter from D Nokwe, Secretary-General of the ANC, to the Minister of Home Affairs, Botswana, regarding the deportation of Mr Jerry Mbuli.

Botha learns from Chilean dictators
Call for sanctions against South Africa:Address to the International Conference against Sanctions, Paris, May 21, 1981

Paper presented by Oliver Thambo at the International Conference of Sanctions against South Africa, held in Paris on May 21, 1981. It covers the purpose of sanctions, and an appeal by ANC.

Meeting: Revolutionary perspectives in Southern Africa

Announcement of a meeting in London on Revolutionary perspectives in Southern Africa on 7th July 1978. Speaker to be I B Tabata.

Circular on the London office

The External Affairs Office of the Black Peoples Convention was set up by a resolution to handle foreign public relations and programmes for the welfare of refugee members. This is a circular from the London office.

The Black Man in South Africa

Notice of a public lecture to be given by I B Tabata at the University of California, San Diego, entitled The Black Man in South Africa.

The options: war or compromise
Plea for positive Western pressure
Israel to take tough SA stand
Governments may change - but policies remain
Inkatha President meets Polish leaders in historic trip
Mrs Coretta Scott King: widow of slain US civil rights leader used by Archbishop Tutu and the Rev Allan Boesak in divisive black political feud
Negotiations the only way forward, says former British Premier
International stage for Dr Buthelezi
American dialogue
German talks
Will the West help
What does the west want for SA?: revolution or peaceful change?


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