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Meeting held at Jan Smuts Airport on Friday 25 May 1984

Minutes of a meeting between Pik Botha and Chester Crocker to discuss political strategies for southern Africa

Meeting with Dr Jonas Savimbi: Pretoria, 12 April 1984

Meeting between Dr Johas Savimbi and representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs to discuss general developments concerning Angola. The issue of the release of British and Czech prisoners was discussed.

Meeting: Revolutionary perspectives in Southern Africa

Announcement of a meeting in London on Revolutionary perspectives in Southern Africa on 7th July 1978. Speaker to be I B Tabata.

Memorandum on BPC external affairs programme

Memorandum from Thami Zani to Ranwedzi Harry Nengwekhulu following on the fifth congress of the BPC held on the 28-30 January 1977 in Durban where a commission was appointed to look into BPC foreign policy and the growing number of supporters of Black Consciousness who find themselves as refugees

Memorandum submitted by the delegation of the African National Congress of South Africa to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba

Memorandum sent by the African National Congress to the Communist Party and Government of Cuba, requesting financial support for the struggle for liberation in South Africa

Memos for meetings of ComAfrica's Delegation

Memoranda for meetings of ComAfrica's Delegation with National Executive members and comrade deputy president, Department of International Affairs, Department of Arts and Culture and the Department of Education.

Message from Mr Carlos Aldana to Mr van Heerden

Correspondence from Mr Aldana to Mr Neil van Heerden regarding the reported insurgence of SWAPO troops into Angola. Included is a letter from Mr Robin Renwick, British Embassy, Cape Town to Mr van Heerden

Message from the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party to the Government and People of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Message from the Permanent Representative, New York, to D W Auret, Cape Town

Following on from Cuban protest about the announcement by the Namibian Administrator-General that SWAPO guerillas returning to Angola would be interrogated, Mr van Heerden sent a mesaage to Mr Aldana that there would be no interrogations and SWAPO would have freedom of passage for an extended per

Military and socio-political situation in Mocambique and Angola

Memorandum giving an overview of the political situation in Mozambique and Angola during 1972, with particular reference to terrorist activity.

Minutes of a meeting between Dr Chester Crocker and Dr Savimbi in Cape Town on 11 February 1985

Minutes of a meeting between Dr Chester Crocker and Dr Savimbi, in which the SADF were observers, to discuss issues relating to the withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola, Soviet relations and the relationship between the MPLA, UNITA and the United States

Mosambiek: Die huidige stand MBT moontlike onderhandelinge tussen RENAMO en FRELIMO

Memorandum, written in Afrikaans, outling the situation in Mozambique with regard to FRELIMO and RENAMO

Moulding African unity: obstacles and goals

What do we mean by African unity?.

Mrs Coretta Scott King: widow of slain US civil rights leader used by Archbishop Tutu and the Rev Allan Boesak in divisive black political feud
Negotiations the only way forward, says former British Premier
Negro oppression and U.S. foreign policy
New links with international labour

John Copelyn, the acting general secretary of the National Union of Textile Workers, has been appointed to the Executive Committee of the International Textile Garment and Leather Worker's Federation.

New warnings from Eastern Europe
Nigeria and Marxism
Nigeria: the politics of socio-economic bankruptcy Part 2

The politics of socio-economic bankruptcy.


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