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Discussion between Mr R F Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Dr Belli-Bello: Cape Town, 15 May 1986

Meeting to discuss the relationship of South Africa with Angola, the importance of developing mutual trust and the importance of peace in the region.

Discussions between the South African and American delegations on matters concerning Southern Africa: Vienna 19 and 20 May 1977
Discussions with Silvino Da Luz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cape Verde: Praia, 25 March 1984

Report by Mr D W Steward of the Department of Foreign Affairs, regarding discussions with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cape Verde, following on from the joint statement issued in Havanna, Cuba, by Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, and Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, President of Ang

Documents: Rhodesia - the case for action
Edited Verbatim Minutes: Meeting, 8th, 9th and 10th June 1977, Cape Town

International meeting to discuss the independene of Namibia/South West Africa

Editorial comment: Encircling the "impregnable" laager
Editorial: ANC - govt won`t tango but it might two-step
Editorial: Doing Their Damnedest
Editorial: New problems of a continent in revolution
Expanding the industrial base is top priority
False dawn?
Fifth Summit Conference of East and Central African States: Manifesto on Southern Africa

The Lusaka Manifesto, with a letter from the Representative of the Republic of Zambia requesting the Manifesto be circulated as an official document of the United Nations Security Council

First meeting of the South African/Angolan Joint Monitoring Commission: Lusaka, 16 February 1984

Minutes of a meeting of the Joint Monitoring Commission to discuss the processes required for monitoring the withdrawal of troops from Angola

Five years on, Dakar`s questions remain
Free translation of the text of the Joint Declaration issued by Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, and Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, President of Angola, on the occasion of the latter's visit to Cuba on 19 March 1984

Statement issued by Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, following the President of Angola's visit to Cuba, regarding the peace efforts in southern Africa.

From Russia with love
German talks
German unionist visits Transvaal Alloys

A worker representative on the board of directors of Nord-Deutsche Affinerie, a German-based multinational, recently came out to South Africa to investigate the anti-union activities of the company's local subsidiary, Transvaal Alloys.

Governments may change - but policies remain
Guinea shows the way forward


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