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Recent Developments in Australia's South African Policy
Reality shatters the racist myth
Reagan's brinkmanship
Quick Kill?
Prospects for the Lagos Charter

Empirical Pan-Africanism at the Lagos summit.

Political Science
Plea for positive Western pressure
Outward bounty and inward baaskap: Opening Address by Jean Sinclair presented at the Black Sash National Conference in Cape Town

Outward Bounty and Inward Baaskap Opening Address by Jean Sinclair presented at the Black Sash at National Conference in Cape Town on 15 February 1971 discussing: Apartheid, racial superiority and inferiority, international criticism, exit fom Commonwealth, relations with neighbouring countries,

Operation Zulu

Part of an historical case study of decision-making in the initiation of covert action in foreign policy.

On the current political trends in South Africa in the context of the struggle for national liberation

An address to the Press luncheon in Washington DC on the national liberation struggle in South Africa

Off-the-record statement by Minister R F Botha at a meeting between the Minister and representatives of the South African media in Washington on 16 May 1981

Press statement by Minister Pik Botha about US/South Africa relations and policy. Nuclear matters were also mentioned.

Nthato Motlana
Notas oor gesprek met hoofbestuur van SWANU op 12 Mei 1987

Notes, written in Afrikaans, about the meeting between South Africa and the leaders of the South West African National Union (SWANU)

Nigeria: the politics of socio-economic bankruptcy Part 2

The politics of socio-economic bankruptcy.

Nigeria and Marxism
New warnings from Eastern Europe
New links with international labour

John Copelyn, the acting general secretary of the National Union of Textile Workers, has been appointed to the Executive Committee of the International Textile Garment and Leather Worker's Federation.

Negro oppression and U.S. foreign policy
Negotiations the only way forward, says former British Premier


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