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Will the West help
Will Bobby Bob too?
Why we opposed Kennedys visit
Why the mission to Dakar?
When Ho Chi Minh received the SACP delegation
What the Geneva talks on Zimbabwe is all about
What does the west want for SA?: revolution or peaceful change?
Verbatim Minutes: Meeting, Cape Town, 7th April 1977

Minutes of an international meeting with the South African Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassadors of Canada, France, Federal Republic of Germany, United Kingdom and United States of America to discuss the independence of Namibia by way of an internationally acceptable set

USSR: apartheid must go first
United States election
UDF and the international struggle
U.S.A.: Inept, Shortsighted


Transcript of speech by I B Tabata

Partially edited transcript of a speech given by I B Tabata at a meeting in London. About the plans of imperialism and a call for action.

The White Alternative...Give Ground While You Can
The United States and Africa
The United Nations: illusions and reality
The two types of Black leadership in South Africa and the role of donor agencies
The Third World and the international community
The stolen fruit promise

Does Communism, or even sympathy with the Socialist bloc, exist in South Africa? If so, how far reaching is such an influence likely to be?

The signing of the Agreement of non-aggression and good neighbourliness

Speech by Samora Machel on the signing of the Nkomati Accord.


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