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Samesprekings: Staatspresident met die Kabinet van die Oorgangsregering van Nasionale Eenheid (Orne) van SWA, 21 Mei 1986, Kabinetskamer, Tuynhuys, Kaapstad

Report from a meeting held between representatives of the South African Government, including the State President, and representatives from South West Africa to discuss the process to achieve a negotiated settlement for the independence of Namibia


Pamphlet about the comparison between responses made to calls for sanctions against Argentina and South Africa. Note that large sections of the text are barely legible

Saved by the Soviets
Sekou Toure and the two imperialisms

Guinea's experience of France and Russia has bred determination for African unity.

Solidarity: the workers struggle in Poland
Some secrets of the Congo
Some secrets of the Congo
South Africa and the World: Home Thoughts from Abroad
South Africa and the World: Unloved and Lonely
South Africa in Canadian Eyes
South Africa is at war
South Africa is at war
South Africa's heroes in the struggle for emancipation

An injection of black students into South Africa's student movement is needed, for black students would act through their vested interest in social change and not through their consciences alone.

South Africa's hour of need
South Africa: Implications for The West, and Policy Options
South Africa: On The Motivation For Sanctions
South African and Western Initiatives

Notes on Southern African and Western initiatives. Covers United Kingdom interest in South Africa and the attitude of the UK towards the ANC, the views of the United States and the UK on negotiations, and a meeting between Pik Botha and Mrs Margaret Thatcher.

South African Communist Party Central Committee: Statements and resolutions
South African Indian Council
South African Politics: The State of Play


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