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Historic formation of Marxist-Leninist Party of Angola - split from MPLA
How do the Russians see SA?
How Europe looks at South Africa
Ideology and the South African Predicament
Independence for Namibia
Inkatha President meets Polish leaders in historic trip
Inside America

Will South Africa be America's next cause.

International news: electoral college to vote new head of state in May Federal Republic of West Germany
International Press Conference by the Honourable P W Botha, Prime Minister of the RSA on the talks between the Five Western Powers and the RSA Government regarding South West Africa

Press Conference with P W Botha regarding the independence of Namibia. Includes a joint statement by the South African Government and the five Foreign Ministers

International stage for Dr Buthelezi
Interview with Frank Chikane

Oral interview with Rev Frank Chikane, This interview was conducted just after Rev. Chikane's appointment as General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches (SACC). Chikane, age 36, was underground at the time of the interview.

Interview with Tsietsi Mashinini

Transcript from a radio interview, in New York City, with Tsietsi Mashinini, on the aftermath and reporting of the Soweto riots, international relations and the role of the USA in the struggle for freedom in South Africa

Irish workers refuse to handle SA`s products
Israel to take tough SA stand
Joint Press Conference, Department of State, 14 May 1981 with Secretary of State Haig and Minister of Foreign Affairs Botha

Press Conference in the United States, with US Secretary Haig and Minister of Foreign Affairs Botha, regarding the independence of Nambia.

Kennedy and NUSAS

An injection of black students into South Africa's student movement is needed, for black students would act through their vested interest in social change and not through their consciences alone.

Korttermynstrategie vir Zimbabwe-Rhodesië

Appendix D: Memorandum about the South African government's short term national strategy for Zimbabwe, including task lists

KZN Ministry of Agriculture Budget 2006-2007
Lenin and Africa
Letter from Alexander M Haig Jr to the Honourable R F Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Information, South Africa

Letter from US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, to Pik Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Information, regarding a schedule for the withdrawal of Cuban troops coordinated with transnational security arrangements in Namibia.


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