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Apartheid versus "The Bomb"


A force that can't be ignored

Aida Santos has been a women's activist in the Phillipines for many years .When she visited South Africa, she told Thoraya Pandy about the achievements of Filipino women

Women workers in Britain fighting for a women's world too
Maternity benefits in other countries
Black Consciousness Movement of South Africa: speech given to the assembly of the IUEF, held in Geneva, 22 November 1975

The address outlines the role of the Black Conciousness Movement in the 1976 Soweto uprising and emphasises the need for action for liberation.

Socialism does work
Breaking an ancient taboo
A gold for Africa
Big finance threatens art in America
The Mandela concert: the triumph of peace
Working paper on the International Student Movement

Working paper on the international student movement. Part of appendices for the International Department, presented at the 44th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, 30 Jun to 9 July, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Waarom twyfel? (Article written in Afrikaans)
Workers to visit Australia
Fighting the fight, worldwide
NUM le chamber of mines li etela Geremane (article written in Sotho language)
Umbutho womgodi e Swedish uyasimama :Urhulumente enetyala (article written in Xhosa language)
Cubans celebrate 30 years
Workers of the world
World mineworkers are proud of NUM
Workers of the world


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