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Hostel war: organise - or die
Is it too late to participate?
Winning away Inkatha's base
Inkatha and COSATU: drawing the battle lines
How many of Inkatha's members see Mandela as their leader. Not all. but...
Review article: Sobukwe and the PAC
The National Cultural Liberation Movement
Consultative Meeting, 29 October 1979 to 30 October 1979, London

Record of a secret meeting between the African National Congress and Inkatha in London, 29th to 30th October, 1979.

South Africa Report

Handwritten report from an underground operative on discussions with the South African Institute of Race Relations, Unions and detainees about protests, stay-aways, strikes and marches. Also covers the Black Consciousness Movement, Buthelezi, and detentions.

Facts about the current situation in South Africa and what is to be done

African National Congress report on the current situation in South Africa and how to respond. Examines the South African regime, the Black Consciousness Movement, the African National Congress struggle, role of youth, students and teachers, the ANC and newly banned organisations and Inkatha.

The current situation inside SA

Report from Natal on the current political situation in South Africa. Examines results of regime's repression. Demonstrates refusal of the people to submit to Inkatha or the Government.

Editorial: Inkatha
A Reply
COSATU/UDF meet Inkatha to stop violence
Notes on meeting between PMC and UDF/COSATU Delegation

Notes on a meeting between the African National Congress, the United Democratic Front and the Congress of South African Trade Unions, mainly about Inkatha.

"No space for the masses": a response to Jay Naidoo
Violence and the `peace process` in Pitermaritzburg


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