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Until recently there was a virtual exclusion of Black peoples from histories of the South African War of 1899-1902. The traditional historiography has
focused primarily on the actions and sufferings of the white protagonists, both Boer and British.....

Introduction to the history of music amongst Indian South Africans in Natal 1860- 1948 : towards a politico-cultural understanding

The study concerns itself expression of music and the meanings associated with it. Music forms, music personalities, and music functions are traced. Some explanations of the relationships between class structures, religious expression, political affiliation, and music are suggested.

The Lobito Bay Indians

In April 1907 some 2 208 ex-indentured Indians left Durban for Lobito Bay in Angola. The object of their attraction was the Benguela Railway, work on which had begun in 1903.

Report of the Commission of Enquiry in to the Riots in Durban

The terms of reference of Your Excellency's Commission were : ""
To enquire into and report upon the events which led to and the causes
of the recent riots in which Natives and Indians in Durban and vicinity were


Indian Opinion, a weekly newspaper, was first established and produced by Mohandas Gandhi ("Mahatma"), M.H. Nazar and Madanjit Viyavaharik in 1903 in the Natal Province. The newspaper focused on Indian rights, poor living conditions of indentured labourers and racial discrimination.

Inside South Africa

A monthly letter about events in South Africa.

Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.15 1960
The Natal Indian Congress
Chapter one: Black organisations - Political groups
Chapter seven: Government-created platforms - SA Indian Council
Chapter two: Welfare
Chapter five: South African Indian Council
Chapter seven: Education for Blacks (Primary and Secondary)
Chapter three: Government created political bodies - South African Indian Council
Chapter eight: Education - primary and secondary
Chapter two: Government created political bodies - South African Indian Council
Indian Chronicle
Wages of Indians in Natal
Police dogs and the Indian community
SAIC - participation or boycott


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