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An open letter from Strini Moodley to the 'Fakir' of the 'Leader' and the 'Sadiq Ally 'of the 'Graphic'

Strini Moodley examines the writings of journalists in Indian weekly newspapers who show no affiliation or sensitivity to the opressed persons of South Africa.

Indians, Islam and the meaning of South African citizenship. A question of identities

Durban's Indian Muslims are heirs to Islamic traditions and practices in India that became firmly established in South Africa. During the past decade they experienced rapid and dramatic changes.

"Indian Education" in a mess
"Indian Education" in a mess
"Uprooting" and "Resettling"

In October 1913 approximately 20,000 Indian workers joined Mahatma Gandhi's campaign of resistance against the South African government. This was a spontaneous outburst against terrible working conditions and a realisation that the£ 3 poll tax on free Indians meant perpetual indenture.

A South African in India
African and Indian in Durban

Land, Borough of Port Shepstone

ANC bogey image is false says group back from Lusaka
Andhra Maha Sabha of South Africa

Andhra Maha Sabha of South Africa

Anti-Segregation Council

Anti-Segregation Council

Apartheid's everyday insults in relief
Areas Indenture Indians emigrated

Between 1842 and 1870 a total of 525,482 Indians emigrated to the British and French Colonies.

Attitudes of South African Indians towards Disciplining in the Child-Rearing Process

Discipline as a integral part of the child-rearing process has been neglected in South African social science literature, but its significance as an aspect of the socialization process cannot be ignored.

Attitudes of South African Indians towards Westernization and its Effects on their Family Life

When a group of people emigrate to a new country with a strong cultural environment, one of several possible affects may occur. There could be a deliberate striving to retain the cultural traits inherited from the homelands.

Bantustans, Colouredstans and Indianstans

Speech delivered by L. Mqotsi at the African People's Democratic Union of South Africa Conference.

Brothers and sisters of Chatsworth

The flyer is aimed at the residents of Chatsworth, an Indian residential suburb in Durban and discusses the bus boycott by the Chatsworth community and the role of "sell out" councillors within the community.


In her recent book, Hilda Kuper analyzed the transformation and the gradual disappearance of caste among South African Hindus.

Caste, Class and Identities among Surtee Muslims in KwaZulu Natal (South Africa), c. 1880-2009

This essay explores the variety of subject positions of Gujarati-speaking Muslim migrants from Surat, India, from the time of their arrival in South Africa in the late 1870s to the contemporary period.


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