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Death in Black and White : Suicide, Statistics and Race in Natal , 1880-1916

Indenture, Indians, Natal, Race, Suicide, Black and White, Colonial state, Taboo

Reply to questionnaire of the members of the Durban Chamber of Commerce
Graph of Total rateable Value for properties acquired by Indians From 1927 to 1942
Council asks to see Smuts on Indians

The Durban City Council this afternoon agreed to ask the Prime Minister to receive a deputation so that the views of burgesses may be put before him when he holds his proposed conference.....

Interview with Mr and Mrs Frank, conducted by Americo Jassane Vilanculo
Newspaper articles relating to the Indian and European city council for DUrban

Selection of articles related to European and Indian Council.

Text of Talk to Maritzburg Rotary

Text of Talk to Maritzburg Rotary

Meeting held in City Hall

Council in Committee

RE: Position of Indians

Proposals by his Worship the Mayor (Councillor R. Ellis Brown J.P.)

Indians, Islam and the meaning of South African citizenship. A question of identities

Durban's Indian Muslims are heirs to Islamic traditions and practices in India that became firmly established in South Africa. During the past decade they experienced rapid and dramatic changes.

Andhra Maha Sabha of South Africa

Andhra Maha Sabha of South Africa

Umzumbi Malaria Committee

It is represented to the committee that there were eight acquisitions of farms by Indians....


Land, Borough of Port Shepstone

Schemes for voluntary repatriation

Newspaper article - The Indian Problem - VI

Newspaper cuttings on the Colonial born and settlers Indian Association

Various articles on the Colonial born and settlers Indian association

First Natal Provincial Conference

Conference paper of the Colonial born and Settlers Indian association

Facts which must be faced

Newspaper articles relating to Group Areas Act - Daily News Special Representation

Indians an asset to South Africa

Group areas act article

Social consequences in a resettled community

The Theoretical approach to resettlement

Letters to the Editor at the Daily News

Letters to the Editor at the Daily News


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