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Indians, Islam and the meaning of South African citizenship. A question of identities

Durban's Indian Muslims are heirs to Islamic traditions and practices in India that became firmly established in South Africa. During the past decade they experienced rapid and dramatic changes.

Andhra Maha Sabha of South Africa

Andhra Maha Sabha of South Africa

Umzumbi Malaria Committee

It is represented to the committee that there were eight acquisitions of farms by Indians....


Land, Borough of Port Shepstone

Schemes for voluntary repatriation

Newspaper article - The Indian Problem - VI

Newspaper cuttings on the Colonial born and settlers Indian Association

Various articles on the Colonial born and settlers Indian association

First Natal Provincial Conference

Conference paper of the Colonial born and Settlers Indian association

Facts which must be faced

Newspaper articles relating to Group Areas Act - Daily News Special Representation

Indians an asset to South Africa

Group areas act article

Social consequences in a resettled community

The Theoretical approach to resettlement

Letters to the Editor at the Daily News

Letters to the Editor at the Daily News

Anti-Segregation Council

Anti-Segregation Council


The Indian community, at this time, is going through a period of rapid social change. While social change is inevitable in a dynamic society, it does not necessarily result in social progress.

Attitudes of South African Indians towards Westernization and its Effects on their Family Life

When a group of people emigrate to a new country with a strong cultural environment, one of several possible affects may occur. There could be a deliberate striving to retain the cultural traits inherited from the homelands.

Attitudes of South African Indians towards Disciplining in the Child-Rearing Process

Discipline as a integral part of the child-rearing process has been neglected in South African social science literature, but its significance as an aspect of the socialization process cannot be ignored.


In her recent book, Hilda Kuper analyzed the transformation and the gradual disappearance of caste among South African Hindus.

Yusuf Dadoo: Transnational Politics, South African Belonging

Although people of Indian origin have been present in South Africa since 1860, they are still objects of suspicion in the ‘New’ South Africa. In many quarters, they are accused of exploiting Africans and, in the past, collaborating with apartheid.

History of the Veeraboga Emperumal Temple 1916-1991

History of the Veeraboga Emperumal Temple 1916-1991

The History of the Asiatic Bazaar in Pretoria (1885 - 1914)

The main focus of this study is on the historical development of the Indian "Asiatic Bazaar" of Pretoria and its inhabitants between 1885 and 1914. In chapter one a general background on the nature of the indentured system as it operated in the nineteenth century, and.....

The South Coast Road Trading Area

During 1980, the Clairwood and District Residents' and Ratepayers' Association approached the Institute for Social and Economic Research with a view to undertaking an independent survey of the Clairwood residential area. Clairwood has been settled by Indians for close on a hundred years.


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