Indian Women

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Young woman in Traditional Inian Dress

Costume/cultural dress

Young woman in Traditional Indian Dress

Tradional Indian Culture

Workers in the tea estate

Indian women picking tea on the tea plantations

Our plucky sisters resist” Indian Women and the Passive Resistance Campaign of 1913

During the first half of the 20th century, Indian women, were at the forefront of protest politics: the 1913 and 1946 passive resistance strikes, and the Defiance campaign of 1952 are examples of women’s courageous and bold participation. Yet, we know very little about their activities.

Indian Women washing clothes Umgeni River

Durban is home to the largest Indian population in South Africa. ... commodities such as payer goods, spices, cooking utensils, religious books and clothing. ... The main areas that Indians occupied were beyond the Umgeni River, ..

Indian women in South Africa

Indian women first came to Natal in the year 1860, together with Indian men, who were recruited as laborers to serve a period of indenture in Natal.....

Indian woman drawing water from a well
Indian woman
Durban Indian Women’s Association

President SM Lawrence Presenting cheque to Mr Rambharos

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