Indian penetration

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Occupation Control Ordinance

Notes for the meeting with Administrator

1. Indian Penetration is not a single isolated problem.

Notice of Motion by Councilor A H Youngleson

There is attached hereto for your information copy of letter dated.......

Notes taken at Special Committee and Indian Affairs meeting

The Chairman explained to Standing Counsel that as a result of a meeting of the Special Committee held the previous day....

Notes on the Residential Property Regulation Ordinance

Since a copy of the Residential Property Regulation Ordinance, 1944 as brought up by the Select Committee, became available to me....

Notes of the Proceeding at the Conference of Delegates of the Natal Municipal Association and the Natal Indian congress on the Subject of "The Pegging Act"

The President said that the primary purpose of the meeting was to receive the Executive Committee of the Natal Indian Congress in order to hear their views on the subject of Indian Penetration

Notes for his Worship the Mayor on the The Indian Question in Durban as at 15/2/45

The Residential Property Regulation Ordinance No. 21/1944 Natal which controls the transfer of the occupation of dwellings from Europeans to Indians.....

NMA - Secretarial Circular

During the past few days Mr E.R.Browne M.P.C. has presented, a five page Memorandum to the Executive Committee of the Province on the subject of Indlan.Penetration in urban areas......

Newspaper articles - Indian Penetration
Newspaper articles - Indian Penetration
Natal's Indian Problem
Natal Indian Judicial Commission - Memoranda

Although Indian Education has shown a steady and remarkable expansion since the education Commission of 1936, there is a very large number of Indian children for whom no school accommodation is available.....

Mortgage Bond and Transfers
Minutes of the The City Council of The City of Durban

Minutes of the The City Council of The City of Durban

Minutes of the Council meeting

Minutes of the Council meeting

That Councilor W. Wanless be granted leave of the absence from this meeting of the City Council

Minutes of the City Council of the City of Durban

Council at its next meeting to regularize the action taken in these matters. As regards the Supply of Electricity in the Council's area of supply this subject is still under consideration.

Minutes of the City Council dated 5th June 1942


The Town Clerk read the notice convening the meeting. Noted.

Confirmation of minutes.

That the minutes of the meetings of the City Council held on 24th April and 8th May, 1942, as circulated, be and the........



Minutes of the City Council dated 22nd Oct 1940

We have reported that Councillor D G Shepstone has resigned from this Committee by Letter dated 14th October 1940.

Minutes of the City Council dated 22nd Nov 1940

The recommendation of the Finance Committee contained in Section 9 of the Report be and it is hereby adopted and that Councillor Peterson be furnished with particulars of employees cars taken over by the City Council.....

Minutes of the City Council dated 22nd Dec 1941

Report of the City Council Reprentatives on the Lawrence Council Committee

Alleged Indian Penetration : 317 Avondale Road, Durban...

On the 28th November 1941 a letter addressed to the Town Clerk by the  Acting Principal Immigrtions Officer.....

Minutes of the City Council


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