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Indentured Group

Indenture labourers


After 10 Years service some Indians returned Home

Sugar Cane Cutters - 1870

The demand for labor for Natal's sugarcane fields' had dramatically increased ... 350,000 between 1842 and 1870 and a further 80,000 onwards and to Natal ... Indentured labour was not free labour; and the workers who, either voluntarily or ...

Basket making

Bamboo basket was symbol of economic freedom. ... were considerable numbers of free Indians in Natal in addition to the indentured. ... The craft of basket weaving using bamboo became popular for some families as these ...

Letter from Jane to Phyllis Naidoo

Many thanks for your letter. Yes, I’d seen the papers and was so pleased for your brother and all the family. I haven't visited your Mother again but hope to do so before I leave.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Sister Magaret and Bernard

The date that Isabel started writing her story was the 8th January . It was like a superstition. I am not sure of her last book the 4th World where she looks at the Amazon people. In doing so she gets rid of her writers block. She has helped me too.

Indians in South Africa, 1860-1914: the British Imperial Philosophy on Trial

EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY mercantilist dogma notwithstanding, the earliest stirrings of British imperial activity owed their inception to private initiative rather than governmental enterprise.

Women working on the sugar cane plantation

Painting of women working on the sugar cane plantation


Indian Opinion, a weekly newspaper, was first established and produced by Mohandas Gandhi ("Mahatma"), M.H. Nazar and Madanjit Viyavaharik in 1903 in the Natal Province. The newspaper focused on Indian rights, poor living conditions of indentured labourers and racial discrimination.

Documents of Indentured Labour: Natal, 1851 - 1917
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The great conspiracy. Part 2
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Labour history of South Africa
The Natal menace
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