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Interview with Mr Sam Chetty
The Zululand Sore: Migrant Sugar-Estate Labour in Natal, 1914-1939
Labour pains in Natal
The aims and scope of the study
Indian Agriculture

Survey of Indians in SA-Ms articles prepared by staff  of UDW 1964 re:employment opportunities, educational Guidance, statistics, job reservations etc 1964

Historical background on Indian Community
The role of the Indian in Natal economy
Anglo-Boer War Articles
Statement prepared by the Natal Indian Congress to the Education Inquiry Commission

The Chairman and members of the Education Inquiry Commission.....

Hindu Thirukootam Association

Thirukootam Anniversary in 1912

Temple Committee

Settler Temple Committee

Indentured Indians in Natal

a vivid description of the history of Indian South Africans and how they came as indentured labour to the British Colony of Natal between 1860 and 1911.

English in language shift : the history, structure, and sociolinguistics of South African Indian English

Rajend Mesthrie examines the rise of a new variety of English among Indian migrant workers indentured on the plantations of Natal in South Africa. Considering the historical background to, and linguistic consequences of, language shift in an immigrant context, he …

The Indian South Africans : a contemporary profile

The Contribution of the Indians to the South African Economy

A Document of Indian South Africa
Traditional Hindu temples in South Africa

Excellent book on traditional Hindu Temples in South Africa, 112 pages in very bright clean condition, very small light bumps to corners,many colour and B/w photographs and architectural illustrations plus very informative text

Indian family during the Siege of Kimberly

Indian family during the Siege of Kimberly

Colonial born Indian Conference - 1925. (Framed)

Indian Conference

Mass meeting

Mass meeting at Point Protest against further Indentured Immigration  addressed by Harry Escombe


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