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Transcript of speech by I B Tabata

Partially edited transcript of a speech given by I B Tabata at a meeting in London. About the plans of imperialism and a call for action.

South Africa is main base of imperialism

Speech delivered by I B Tabata to the Fourth Committee of the United Nations.

Speech by I B Tabata

Speech made by I B Tabata at a meeting of the African Peoples' Democratic Union of South Africa about imperialism overseas and in South Africa.

Financial sanctions: a rebuttal
Remarks on the draft theses of the Workers party
Selections from Spark
A statement on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the African National Congress

Statement by Alfred Nzo, Secretary General of the African National Congress on the ANC's 65th Anniversary. Examines history of the party, the current political crisis in South Africa, and suggests items to focus on in the future.

New Age Vol.7 No.28 Apr. 1961
The role of capitalism in South African History: the destruction of tribal society
Editorial: Egypt on the brink
"Africanism" under the microscope
Editorial: The last days of Empire
Africa and world peace
American imperialism: A new menace in Africa
The role of capitalism in South African history: First attacks of colonialism on African society
Stalin and the national question
Cultural imperialism
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.21 May 1959
Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.18 May 1958
Commentary: Western imperialism on the offensive


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