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Talk back
Taxi talk: Soapies wet our TV screens

Article about the way women are portrayed in soap operas on TV.

Workers, but mothers too
Picnics and pre-schools in Phoenix
"As we are women we must go forward"
August 9 - a day for women to celebrate
The diaphragm
Two worlds of motherhood
What are the unions fighting for?
The Dancer
As a matter of fact

Various newsworthy items from around the globe.

A force that can't be ignored

Aida Santos has been a women's activist in the Phillipines for many years .When she visited South Africa, she told Thoraya Pandy about the achievements of Filipino women

You and your marriage: minors and marital power

In this article, Cathi Albertyn explains some of the ways a married woman is seen by the law and what her rights are

AIDS awareness for school kids

The Macmillan Boleswa AidsAwareness .Programme has produced a package of 14 story books on AIDS for schoolchildren from standard four to rnatrlc as well as teachers guides.

We are breaking the silence
Women workers in Britain fighting for a women's world too
We are all teachers - education begins at home
Getting to know our bodies
Yesterday, today and tomorrow


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