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OH Ally

Miscellaneous illustrations from Indian Opinion on Gandhi & the passive resistance movement - c. 1893 - 1914. ( photo, photocopy & negative)

Letter from J M Currey to Alan Paton
Letter from D H Philip to Alan Paton
Ibrahim Salahi

A selection of recent work by this Sudanese artist.

Words, words, words

Snippets about the comparisons between the South African and Irish resistance efforts against domination.

Rhodesia's oppressive alliance

Interests and settlers versus Africans.


..."And I urge you to join with the Missus and me fighting the oppressive legislation of the government..."

Verwoerd's South Africa

Illustration of Hendrik Verwoerd with the caption: At dawn on 1 April 1965 Frederick John Harris became the forty-seventh South African to be executed for political crimes, including sabotage and murder.

You must keep them out at all costs


The Duke's men

Studies by a South African artist of the Duke Ellington concert tour of Britain.

Three African artists in Calcutta

In October 1962, 76 pieces by three artists (Okeke, Salahi and Malangatana) were exhibited in Calcutta.

Ibrahim el Salahi

Ibrahim el Salahi is a young Sudanese artist.

Nation and ethnicity
Rents: paying for incorporation
The courts
The press
The nature of political trials
Alexandra township: 'uplift' or co-option?
Schools boycott
Consumer boycotts: an evaluation


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