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Way to work

The social and personal impact of police harassment.

New Age Vol.3 No.44 Aug. 1957
New Age Vol.1 No.43 Aug. 1955
Putting the screws on
Natives (Abolition of Passes and Co-ordination of Documents) Act, Act No 67 of 1952

The Act was to repeal the laws relating to carrying passes by natives; to provide for the issue of reference books to natives; to amend the Native Administration Act,1927, the Native Service Contract Act, 1932, and the Natives (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act, 1945, and to provide for incidental m

Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.48 Dec 1958
Mailed fist or ham fist?
Don't judge a book by its cover
The Pass Law battle
Praise for the "Pass Law" issue
Passes and Africans
Apartheid in nursing: a challenge: an African nurse
The Village and the castle
Passes and police
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