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Natal Indian Judicial Commission

The City Council on 6th November 1944, resolved:

1) That His Worship the Mayor and Councillors LL Body. M.P.C.......

Natal Indian Judicial Commission - Memoranda

Although Indian Education has shown a steady and remarkable expansion since the education Commission of 1936, there is a very large number of Indian children for whom no school accommodation is available.....

Natal's Indian Problem
New Age Vol.1 No.39 Jul. 1955
New Age Vol.1 No.40 Jul. 1955
New Age Vol.4 No.957 Dec. 1957
New Age Vol.5 No.49 Sep. 1959
New Age Vol.8 No.39 Jul. 1962
New housing units in Verulam

Property development in this bracket was initiated by Indian owned companies

New life for 30,000 families

Article on slum clearance in Korsten, Port Elizabeth.

New public housing schemes in Zwelitsha, near King Williams Town

Photograph showing a teacher, his wife and children outside their new house in Zwelitsha near King Williams Town.

Newspaper articles - Indian Penetration
Newspaper articles - Indian Penetration
Newspaper articles on Squatters: Cape Town - 1996 and 1997

Volunteer teacher Ms Cynthia Mbeki was the first to build a shack at the Polla Park squatter settlement- but she will...

Newspaper collection of J P Gokool - 1980-1981
Note to Town Clerk

The attached judgment distressed me very greatly especially as it comes from Justice Broome. I commend for the Town Clerk's.....

Notes for his Worship the Mayor on the The Indian Question in Durban as at 15/2/45

The Residential Property Regulation Ordinance No. 21/1944 Natal which controls the transfer of the occupation of dwellings from Europeans to Indians.....

Notes of the Proceeding at the Conference of Delegates of the Natal Municipal Association and the Natal Indian congress on the Subject of "The Pegging Act"

The President said that the primary purpose of the meeting was to receive the Executive Committee of the Natal Indian Congress in order to hear their views on the subject of Indian Penetration

Notes on Inanda Dam Removals

Notes on Inanda Dam Removals: Paper Presented at the Black Sash National Conference on 14 March 1987 discussing forced removals, housing, tribal lands, compensation, social problems.

Notes on the Residential Property Regulation Ordinance

Since a copy of the Residential Property Regulation Ordinance, 1944 as brought up by the Select Committee, became available to me....


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