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Memorandum presented by the Stanger and District Branch

Re: Natal Indian Judicial Commission.

We enclose herewith copy of Memorandum presented to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission by our Branch of Congress

Memorandum presented by the Overport Tamil Welfare Society

We the Undersigned Officials of the Overport Tamil Welfare Society beg to express our grateful thanks to you for affording us this opportunity of submitting....

Memorandum on Walmer township: presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1979

Memorandum presented at the Black Sash National Conference on 14 March 1979 discussing housing, resettlement, forced removals, land ownership, unemployment.

Memorandum on the subject of the proposed Amendment to section 11 of the housing Act for Powers of Expropriation
Memorandum on Epilepsy, Deafness, Blindness and similar Physical Defects submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Gentlemen, 'The Terms of Reference' of your Commission affirm that your enquiry apart from other factors is to enquire into and report upon:-

Memorandum of the Natal Indian Association

In conformity with your wishes as manifested by the Terms of Reference there was honest and in many cases successful attempt of the part of the representatives of the Association on the Lawrence Committee to dissuade Indians from purchasing properties in what are regarded as predominantly Europea

Memorandum of the N.I.C. - 17th July 1944

N.I.C. Draft Ordinance

Memorandum of agreement between University of Durban-Westville and the Town and Regional Planning Commission
Memorandum from the City and Water Engineers Department to the Natal Indian Congress

This Department is familiar with the type of semi-political, nebulous allegations contained in the Memorandum, which can be summed up in a few.....

Memorandum for the Natal Indian Commission by the City Medical Officer of Health

Health of the Durban Indian population is conditioned mainly by their

(a) economic status and (b) housing. All other factors, though important, are subsidiary,

Memorandum for General purposes Committee. Appointment of Natal Indian Commission

The following have been announced as the terms of reference of the Natal Indian Commission (comprising Mr. Justice Broome, Senator the Hon. D.G. Shepstone, Mr. W~. Power, M.E.C.!, Mr. S.R. Naidoo and Mr. A.I. Kajee) which has been appointed by the Government....

Memorandum for General Purpose Committee. Natal Judicial Commission

1. In connection with the appointment of the Natal Indian Judicial Commission to enquire into and report upon matters affecting the Indian community in the Province of Natal, the city Council at its meeting on 9th June, 1944, adopted the following......

Memorandum for General Purpose Committee. Interview ith Prime Minister re: Draft Occupation Control

The Council on 9th July 1944 appointed a deputation to wait on the Right Hon. the Prime Minister for the purpose of enabling the views of the.....

Memorandum for Council-In-Committee. Draft Residential Property Regulation Ordinance

The attached memorandum covering a copy of the Draft Residential Regulation Ordinance No. 20/1944 and the amendments thereto as suggested by the Executive Committee....

Memorandum for City Council's Representatives on Lawrence Committee dated 18th May 1942

Re: Lawrence Committee

Your letter of the 18th March 1941 addressed to Mr S Rustomjee of the Natal Indian Association has been referred to me.

Memorandum - Indian Penetrations : More facts
Memorandum - Indian Penetration and Trading

The following is a copy of a letter dated 26th September 1959 received from the Executors in the Estate

Memo for General Purposes Committee. Indian Penetration into European Areas

In 1933 the Town Council applied for the following powers for the Borough of Durban by a draft Ordinance which:

Meeting of the Durban General Council of the Dominion Party

At a Meeting of the Durban General Council of the Dominion Party held in Durban on Friday afternoon last the following resolution was passed.....

Meeting held in City Hall

Council in Committee

RE: Position of Indians

Proposals by his Worship the Mayor (Councillor R. Ellis Brown J.P.)


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