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Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

When Standing Counsel appeared on behalf of the City Council before the Select Committee of the Natal Provincial Council on the last occasion in connection with the Draft Occupation Control Ordinance...

Draft Occupation Control Ordinance, 1944 and Memorandum of Draft Amendments suggested by Standing Counsel

To make provision for the licensing, regulation and control of the residential purpose of dwelling by persons of certain racial groups in boroughs.....

Draft Ordinance

To provide for the regulation in borough and townships of the occupation and acquisition of residential and other property by persons of certain racial group....

Draft Ordinance to replace to Pegging Act

Further to my telegram of 30th ultimo on the above subject addressed to his Hon the Administrator and his telegraphic reply.....

Durban City Mayors Minutes for Council

Mayors Minutes for Durban City Council

Durban Corporation - Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

The first question submitted is whether, in view of Section 86  of the Provincial Council the South Africa Act it would be.....

Durban Housing Crisis
Durban's Housing In Crisis
Early Indenture Indian families

Image of early Indentured Indian Labour in the Colony of Natal

East London Advice Office Annual Report 1975 to 1976

East London Advice Office Annual Report to National Conference on 16 March 1976 discussing case statistics, wages, marriage birth and death certificates, housing.

East London Advice Office Report 1974

East London Advice Office Report to National Conference on 10 March 1975, discussing: Bantu Affairs, reform, Apartheid, housing, Homelands.

Eldorado Park and Kliptown: A Housing Survey, Conference Paper presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1978

Eldorado Park and Kliptown: A Housing Survey- Conference Paper presented at the Black Sash National Conference on 16 March 1978 discussing role of Black Sash in housing issues, problems caused by housing in community, utilities, income and employment, costs of rentals, overpopulation.

Emergency meeting of the Executive committee

In consultation with the major towns of the province the President has summoned an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee to deal with legislation coming before the Provincial Council during the next few days.

Estates Department on the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Dear Sir,

Memo. by Natal Indian Congress on Housing.
In reply to your letter of the 3rd ultimo, bearing on the above subject, I have to tender the following :



Even we
Evidence of the Indian Medical Officer of Natal concerning the general living conditions of the Indian under their care

The Indian Immigration department, considering that their medical officers should be especially qualified to give information required by your commission called a meeting of these officers which decided that after all.....


Evidence to be presented to the Penetration Committee
Executive Summary, Vol 1, No 6, February 1995

AB the time for delivery, rather than goal setting, for the RDP approaches, so the problems of both a technical and a financial nature loom ever closer. The economy is, all things considered, in better shape, even if sectors of business remain sceptical of all aspects of the RDP.

Extract from Minutes of General Purpose Committee

Indian Penetration

The Town Clerk submitted to the meeting copy of letter dated 20th January 1940.......


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