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Copy of Original Draft of Cable from Field Marshall the Right Honourable J C Smuts to his Excellency the Viceroy of India....
Copy ot the Class Areas Bill

From the above statistical statements it will be seen that while the European population of Natal has increased since 1911 to 40% the Asiatic population has only increased by 0.5%.....

Corporation of the City of Durban

Sir, The proposed withdrawal from operation of the trading and occupation of land.....

Corporation of the City of Durban - 2nd April 1940

The property mentioned in the complaint is 10, Lanyon Grove. It was transferred to Estate Ebrahim on the 24th November, 1930.

Corporation of the City of Durban - 4th May 1940

In reply to your letter of the 1st instant asking whether there are any choice building sites available for Indian Community within the Old Borough Area I would mention that the only land falling within the definition of that about which the inquiry is centred lies in the Umgeni and Stella Distri

Corporation of the City of Durban - City Valuator and Estates Manager

The Town Clerk, Durban

Dear Sir

Re: Asiatic Encroachment

Corporation of the City of Durban response on the Proposed Round Table Discussion

I thank you for your letter of the 12th instant herein.....

Corporation of the City of Durban response to proposed Round-Table Discussion: Appointment of the Indian Affairs Advisory Sub-Committee

Further to my letter of the 13th ultimo and earlier correspondence on the above subject, I have to advise that on the recommendation of the general Purpose Committee...

Correspondence between Natal Indian Congress and the Durban Council in connection with the City Council's proposal for Round Table Discussion

As you are no doubt aware the City Council has prepared its plan for the development of the City of Durban during the post-war period and.....

Correspondence from the Durban City Council to the Natal Indian Congress

In a statement you made to the Press the following day you welcomed and accepted His Worship's offer....

Correspondence to Minister of Interior and Public Health on Expropriation of Indian owned land
Correspondence to the Minister of the Interior - Indian Problem

The Cato Manor area has a long history as a point of contention. The vibrant Indian and African community that had settled in the area was forcibly removed in 1955, and the land lay vacant for many years.

Crossroads - Another View
Crossroads spirit has gone to sleep
Crossroads: From Confrontation to Co-Option
Crossroads: Paper presented at National Conference 1980

Crossroads -Paper presented at National Conference on 12 March 1980 discussing permanent residence eligibility, Urban Areas Act, homelands, migrant labour, Group Areas Act, work permits, lack of utilities, health.

Decent housing - a human right
Department of Railways and Harbours
Deputation of Durban City Council- Indian Penetration

In order enable Natal Provincial Executive attend proposed Indian Penetration discussion suggest.....


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