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House facing a dirt road. Inscription: Alcockspruit

Black and white 12.7 x 9cm

Letter from Dorothy to Phyllis Naidoo

So sorry for the delay in replying to you last two letters.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Bert

Just want to get my house in order before 2.30 today.

The house in King Edward Avenue, Pietermaritzburg, which became the Alan Paton Centre

Sepia print 11 x 18

Letter from Jean to Phyllis Naidoo

Many many thanks for your letters - all of it together with the birthday wishes.

Family Hut
Biko House - London
Cook house staff

Black and white print 10 x 10.9cm fading

Cook house staff

Black and white print 9.1 x 13cm fading

Cook house staff

Black and white print 10.2 x 15.3cm fading

House on the Bayside, Durban

Black and white print 12.7 x 18.6cm faded

Letter from Fern and Lisa to Phyllis Naidoo

I love you very much when you are coming to my house because I am missing you very much. I hope you like my letter.

Letter from Benhard to Phyllis Naidoo

This is our first letter from Ghana, where we arrived two weeks ago! It has already been a tremendous time we’ve been here, and we are enjoying our stay here very much.

Notes on Mandela
Depicts the house of John Dunn at Inyoni

The house of John Dunn


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