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Letter from Dorothy to Phyllis Naidoo

Many thanks for your letter and enclosures.

Letter from Dorothy to Phyllis Naidoo

Your letter of the 30th Jan arrived a few days after I had posted my letters to John and Colin.

Letter from Britt to Phyllis Naidoo

Thanks for your letter of 1/6/81 which arrived on Thursday the 11th of June.

Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Sorry I did not make it over at lunchtime. I am not packed yet and must be ready by "ten to four".

Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

I don't know what is going on but if i don't hear from you soon, I will loose my mind. The sudden lack of letters has really worried me. Did you receive my letter about my holiday?

Letter from Ray to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you so much for your letter of 30th April, received last night, delighted with your lovely letter. Will send off the letter to your sons Sahdhan and Sha also Sakhthies letter.

HS Done on holiday in the Cape 1920s

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Letter from Mogan to Phyllis Naidoo

Welcome back to Southern Africa. Comrades fighting side by side. Reconstruction is such a painful process. Perhaps more painful that the labour involved in the birth of a nation.

Letter from Kaka to Phyllis Naidoo

Your two heart breaking letters received yesterday dated 10/6/80, and one today dated the 17th have left the entire family speechless with grief.

Letter from Gwen and Frank to Phyllis Naidoo

How are you and all your friends? We hope that the injuries you received when you when you received the parcel bomb are healing and hope your eardrum is now better. We are enclosing a tea towel from a tiny seaside village in Norfolk.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Helen

Only this morning at 5.30am when I was busy cleaning the kitchen floor did I remember that I should have share d my experience with you a long time ago.

Letter from Fiona and Mike to Phyllis Naidoo

Many thanks for the letter which was waiting for us when we got back from the holiday. I do hope by the time this reaches you that the flat will feel more comfortable.

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