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South African Labour Bulletin - vol.25. - 2001
Anglo Gold Facing the Challenges of HIV and Aids 2001-2002
Advance the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
IFP National Manifesto

South Africa can and must be better. It is an extraordinary country endowed with extraordinary people and a wealth of resources. If South Africa is going to be the twenty-first century success story that we all know it can be, bold change is needed now.

USAID in Africa - 2002 - 2005

News, Updates, and Resources from the U.S. Agency for International Development USAID Supports the Global Polio Fight.....

USAID in Africa Fall 2002

USAID in Africa Fall 2003

USAID in Africa Spring 2003

USAID in Africa Summer 2003

USAID in Africa Summer 2004

SD Abstracts

Technical Information from the Africa Bureau's Office of Sustainable Development-AFR/SD Winter 2002

Making Progress in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa faces some of the most severe development challenges in the world. Yet there is room for hope.....

SD African Voices, 2002

Hopes for sustaining Nigeria's democratic transition hinge on the 2002/2003 elections being perceived as legitimate by most of the country's......

Letter from Judy and John to Phyllis Naidoo

We received a letter from an American friend asking "whether we are involved in all the hard times in Africa - it sounds horrible". There are certainly ยท"hard times" here in Southern Africa, particularly for the poor and unemployed.

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