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NUSAS Press Digest, Number 1, 1969

A compilation of press reports and comments on events at Fort Hare University College during 1968, and an historical background of the College from 1916 to 1948.

Namibia shall be free
1946: Five brave days
ANC - the long march to freedom
JB Marks - the giant who led the first miners strike
100 years poorer
The mining struggle continues 1946 - 1987
Women on the march - a woman's place is in the struggle
New Age Vol.5 No.24 Apr. 1959
South African Students Movement's History

In 1971 some high school and secondary school students came together and formed the African Student Movement (ASM), later becoming the South African Students Movement (SASM). The article traces the develoment of the SASM.

The Transkei tragedy: (A study in the Bantu Authorities Act)
The role of capitalism in South African History: the destruction of tribal society
Editorial: The last days of Empire
The extension of the pass laws
The Reichstag fire
Cape society in the eighteenth century
The role of capitalism in South African history
Children of the storm
The story of the Coloured vote and the myth of "Cape liberalism"
Letter from Jack Simons to Mzala

Letter from Jack Simons to Mzala, outlining the relations between the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party between 1910 and 1962.


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