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Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 376
Black History Makers
Attitudes of South African Indians towards Disciplining in the Child-Rearing Process

Discipline as a integral part of the child-rearing process has been neglected in South African social science literature, but its significance as an aspect of the socialization process cannot be ignored.

All you need is Love? The courting gift in 20th century KwaZulu-Natal.

In its first year of broadcast, 2002, the TV show All You Need is Love regularly attracted 2 million viewers in South Africa.

Interview with Robert Haswell, conducted by Ruth Lundie
Interview with Joan Kerchhoff, conducted by Jennifer Verbeek
Interview with Vera Cebekulu, conducted by Ruth Lundie
Interview with Monika Wittenberg, conducted by Jennifer Verbeek
Interview with Phillip Dladla, conducted by Ruth Lundie
Interview with Lungisane Kunene, conducted by Ruth Lundie
Introduction to the history of music amongst Indian South Africans in Natal 1860- 1948 : towards a politico-cultural understanding

The study concerns itself expression of music and the meanings associated with it. Music forms, music personalities, and music functions are traced. Some explanations of the relationships between class structures, religious expression, political affiliation, and music are suggested.

Letter from Alan Paton re Miss Evelyn Horwitz
Inside Afro-America

A report on the American reality.

Books and the Arts

Book reviews.

Will we ever learn?

South Africa's age long pattern of trust and betrayal is at last broken by the impact of Lembede.

To find the unknown past

What happened in southern Africa's unknown Iron Age, in the 1,000 years up to 1800? If the gap is to be closed a new spirit of research and new techniques are essential.

The New African: Cape Town and London, 1962-1970

A scholarly introductory essay on the periodical The New African.

Herrenvolk history

A short "history" of South African.

Fort Hare record

The recent dismissal of Mr Curnick Ndamse from the staff of Fort Hare University College for "insubordination" spotlights once again the record of Fort Hare since its rape by the Verwoerd regime in 1960.


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