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Book reviews.

Briefing document on KTC situation

Briefing document on KTC situation that contains the history, the latest peace initiative, ANC statement, the positions of national organisations, the involvement of UDF's affected township organisations and also the issue of direct peace talks.

Brushing history against the grain: oppositional discourse in South Africa

This Richard Turner Memorial Lecture was delivered in Durban on 27 September 1990.

Cape of Good Hope: For Vasco de Gama
Cape society in the eighteenth century
CCAWUSA Johannesburg branch: Discussion paper-the way forward

Article by the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (CCAWUSA) to all locals/Shopstewards. It discusses the historical background, the clarification of what they have been fighting for and the formation of the organisation. Accompanying documents are reports.

Chad frescoes

Two hundred frescoes from Chad were exhibited at the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, early in 1965.

Challenge to heritage industry
Children of the storm
Churches in Captivity
Clash of Paradigms
Class and Capital in South Africa
Class struggles in Zambia
Colenso: Success or Failure
Colin Bundy does it again
COSATU: challenges of the 1990s
Development and underdevelopment
Documents of Indentured Labour: Natal, 1851 - 1917
Durban Old Station complex. Progress Report on Conservation

The City Council has received the interim report of the Sub-Committee on the Old Station Buildings and, acting on some of the recommendations, has voted funds for the restoration and conversion of the principal wings of the main station building which has been shown to be a viable.....

Editorial: The last days of Empire


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