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The history of the Black man's struggle for liberation in South Africa and the role of Black Consciousness

This paper, possibly prepared for the inaugral conference of the Institute of Black Studies, Wilgespruit, 13-18 July 1976, traces the history of the political development of South Africa from the first Dutch settlements, British colonisation, the formation of the African Native National Congress

NUSAS - its background and history

NUSAS - its background and history. Informal talk delivered at National Seminar of the National Union of South African Students, April 1973.

SACP reading list

Paper containing reading list on the history of the SACP

The future of the United Democratic Front

A circular about how the United Democratic Front was formed, its role, the relationship between the United Democratic Front and the African National Congress and other organisations and about the future of the United Democratic Front.

The development of the struggle

Paper by Scrape Mtshona on the history of the freedom struggle in South Africa. Includes request for assistance to the Unity Movement.

Briefing document on KTC situation

Briefing document on KTC situation that contains the history, the latest peace initiative, ANC statement, the positions of national organisations, the involvement of UDF's affected township organisations and also the issue of direct peace talks.

Letter from Duncan Innes, President, to SRC Presidents and others

General circular letter from Duncan Innes, President of the National Union of South African Students, with a report giving information on the National Union, its aims and objectives and its work. A brief history of the National Union is included.

The origins of contemporary nursing organisation in South Africa
Urbanisation: an historical perspective
An historical overview of nursing struggles in South Africa
A brief history of health worker struggles in South Africa
A chronology of women`s struggles in health
Development and underdevelopment
Book reviews
Towards a Black church - a historical investigation of the African Independent Churches as a model
Passes and Africans
Focus on Eritrea/Ethiopia
Womens' oppression No 2
Book reviews: African history in transition
History in Africa


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