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Rossburgh Football Club - 1926

Football in South Africa

Durban Referees Association

The Durban & District Native Football Association is established. ...

Cato Stars Football Club

Football in South Africa

Indian Footbal Clubs

Westville and Mayville football clubs

Westville Soccer Club

Football in South Africa

Transvaal Indian Football Association - Team 1953

Football in South Africa

Transvaal Team - Winners 1928

South African "Sam China Cup" tournament

Transvaal Indian Football Club

Officials & Members of Council - Season 1930

Young Ones Football Club

Football in South Africa

Football in South Africa

Multi-national games

Berea soccer team

Berea FC in 1978

Football in South Africa


Football in South Africa

African Soccer Games

Letter from Eve Lichtgarn to Peter Brown
Natal and Zululand from earliest times to 1910 : a new history

Written by twelve historians and two archeologists, this history of Natal for more than 20 years is edited by two professors of history in the University of Natal. This book deals with a number of

Christian Indians in Natal 1860-1911

History of Christian Indian settlement in Natal, South Africa.

Indentured Indian emigrants to Natal, 1860-1902 : a study based on ships' lists

This was a very ambitious undertaking—the analysis of 91 volumes of 384 ships* lists of 152,184 indentured Indians going to Natal between 1860 and, initially, 1911

Setting down roots : Indian migrants in South Africa, 1860-1911

From the early 1860s until 1911 thousands of Indians were recruited to work on the ...

Enterprise and Exploitation in a Victorian Colony: Aspects of the Economic and Social History of Colonial Natal

This pioneer economic and social history brings together specialized research in the form of twelve essays dealing with closely intermeshed themes: harbour and railway development, the ecology of Natal, ruthless exploitation of its human and natural resources, and the consequences of Indian immig

South African Indian Question

The historical context of time, place and circumstances helps to place the Indian factor


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