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Exposing the myths of "white history"
Fiftieth anniversary of the great October Socialist Revolution
Fifty seven years of NUSAS - Have we learned our lessons?

Critical overview of history of the National Union of South African Students in which the speaker questions the success of some of the policies and activities of the Union over the years, as well as acknowledging the many successes.

Focus on Eritrea/Ethiopia
Forms and methods of struggle: the South African Democratic Revolution
Fort Hare record

The recent dismissal of Mr Curnick Ndamse from the staff of Fort Hare University College for "insubordination" spotlights once again the record of Fort Hare since its rape by the Verwoerd regime in 1960.

From Protest to Challenge
From Warriors to Wage Slaves: The Fate of the Zulu People Since 1879
Gold dust or cheap imitation?
Heroes of our revolution
Heroes of our revolution: Dr J L Dube (1871-1945)
Herrenvolk history

A short "history" of South African.

Historical perspectives and the effects of uprootal

This is an essay highlighting a few historical perspectives, brief historical review of migration of the period just before the Lifaqale, the review of the effects of the 1913 Native Land Act and subsequent related legislation is discussed and the effects of removals and resettlement.

Historical sketches: Clements Kadile and the ICU
History in Africa
History of Black women in South Africa
History of May Day
History Teaching in African Schools
In quest of national imagination


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